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Bob Harris, M.A.

With a background in Psychology, my professional life today has two primary components. The first is as a Consultant for individuals and couples. The second is my work as a Hands on Healer. Using my 4 year Diploma in Energy Healing, I promote growth, change and healing by working with my clients’ energy fields. I do this work either in our office, or long distance.

My own awakening began with a 5 day “Come Alive” workshop in the early 1980’s at P.D. Seminars in B.C. I received my Masters degree in Psychology from Antioch University, Seattle, in 1987. I also began to study the spiritual teachings of the RIDHWAN School or Diamond Approach, based on the life work of A. H. Almaas, which I continued with until 1994.

I practiced as a Psychotherapist and Group Facilitator in Seattle until 2008. In 1999, I obtained a four-year diploma in Energy Healing from the Northwest School of Healing. I am a Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister.

Here in Tucson, I continue to meditate and practice yoga. I love to grow vegetables and flowers, am a carpenter and enjoy working with stones.

My journey has been about learning how to listen to my heart. I am committed to helping my clients to discover their deepest longings and to follow their dreams. Together we explore the fears that block you from listening to your heart and achieving what you truly want from this precious life.


Robert Harris, M.A. (520) 822 4982 or email Bob at: robertpharris1946@gmail.com

Catriona O’Curry, M.A.

My professional development began as a Family Therapist in Seattle. I received my Masters in Applied Behavioral Science from LIOS/Bastyr University in 1995. I practiced as a Psychotherapist until 2008. I taught Interpersonal, Group Communication, and Cross Cultural Psychology at Community Colleges in Washington and Arizona. In 2000, I earned a four-year diploma in Energy Healing from the Northwest School of Healing. I also became a Reiki Master and a Cranio Sacral Therapist.

I love to teach about Energy Medicine. It is both practical and deeply spiritual material which has the power to transform when combined with personal work.

My focus is to empower my clients and students by bringing their awareness to the level of the energy body. As we become more aware of where we hold emotions in our energy systems, we begin to lead our lives with more mastery. I enjoy working with men, women, and children on their personal power.

Corporate Consciousness Raising:

If you are someone who owns a business, I offer Emotional Intelligence Training groups for managers and all other employees. I periodically also offer a Women’s Leadership Circle.

Catriona O’Curry, M.A. (520) 822 4983 or email Catriona at: catrionaocurry@gmail.com

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