Energy Work

Photo by Laura Richardson

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” —Rumi


Hands on Healing with Bob and Catriona

Healing energy works on physical, emotional, mental, relationship, and life path issues. This is powerful work that can help you to create more effective and joyful ways of being in the world. Some outcomes from working with the energy body are: emotional healing, mental clarity, grounding, improved boundaries, accessing blocked creativity and joy, increasing clarity, exploring and dissolving anger, improved relationships, released tension, relieved pain, healed trauma, and the integration of information from past lives.

Our sessions may include increasing your awareness of the layers of your auric field, balancing and restructuring your chakras, clearing obstacles, increasing the energy flow, using movement to facilitate energy release, emotional release, assistance with becoming more grounded and centered, and helping you to align with your highest purpose.

Energy Medicine tools used:

  • cranio-sacral therapy
  • Reiki and/or Earth Energy
  • re-structuring of the chakras
  • balancing and clearing energy
  • movement coaching to facilitate energy release
  • re-aligning your energy with your Life Purpose or calling
  • focussing in on various dimensions of the energy system (chakras, layers of the field, Core Star, Hara.)
  • coaching you to to use your energy for greater personal and professional success
  • Space clearing for your home or work place

Who It Can Benefit:

  • anyone with concerns about a relationship issue
  • people suffering with chronic pain
  • those wanting more awareness about the emotional nature of their pain.
  • those wanting to prevent illness by alleviating stress
  • those wanting to let go of destructive relationships at all levels
  • those wanting to strengthen their boundaries or magnetic field
  • those wanting to contact their Higher Self or access a larger intelligence
  • those wanting to the feel the tangible benefits of being grounded and calm in the midst of our anxious society
  • those who are ready to release old memories from their cells thereby letting go of old stories

Profile and Credentials

Bob and Catriona are both graduates (1999 & 2000) of the Northwest School of Healing, Redmond, Wa., a four year program of personal transformation and energetic hands-on healing sciences. Both are Reiki Masters, Certified Spiritual Healers and former Marriage and Family Therapists. They’ve loved being Group Facilitators since the late eighties/early nineties. They’ve been in private practice as Energy Medicine Practitioners since 2000. Bob and Catriona combine their complementary skills for restructuring and repairing human energy systems while integrating the mind and body’s awareness and allowing room for any emotional processing or releasing.

Philosophy and Comments

The school of energy healing that Bob and Catriona were trained in had a very grounded and practical approach to healing. This was not fluffy new age stuff. It was a real, life-changing process of self-discovery, healing and personal growth, based on ancient wisdom and universal spiritual principles. Their wish is that their clients learn more about themselves, live fuller lives and further their own spiritual journeys.