Groups & Workshops

Photo by Laura Richardson

“People say that the soul, on hearing the song of Creation, entered the body, but in reality the soul itself was the song. ” —Hafiz

Healing Hands

Catriona and Bob offer a pair of Introduction to Hands on Healing classes each Spring and Fall. They’re called Healing Hands Level One, and Healing Hands Level Two. Level One takes a day, and Level Two will take most of a day. They’re usually on a Saturday and a Sunday, or two Sundays in a row.

Perhaps you are a bodyworker wanting to learn a gentle, professional way to help your clients to clear their emotions from their tissues?

Are you a Health Care Practitioner looking to master a tried and true comprehensive healing approach from seasoned teachers?

Do you have a gift for healing and are looking for a safe, natural way to use your gift to comfort your partner, parent, or child?

Men’s Groups

Robert Harris, M.A.  has been leading Men’s groups for over 25 years.

His groups are for men who are interested in working through their personal stories to be able to fully explore their Real Purpose .

When: Bi-weekly on an agreed upon weekday evening

Where: West Side of Tucson AZ

Cost: $50/ meeting

Call Bob: (520)-822-4982

Focus: Renewal – for the new to emerge, we have to have the courage to let go of the old. Who are you beyond your personality? Are you willing to let go of that which no longer serves you?

Each group begins with a short meditation.

Some reading is required.

A personal interview is necessary for admission.

Enrollment is on-going (group size 6 to 8 members). A 6 month commitment is expected.

Download a PDF of the Men’s Group Guidelines here

Women’s Leadership Circle  (WLC)

Catriona O’Curry has been facilitating groups for over 20 years

She currently has a bi-monthly 2 hour Women’s Leadership Circle which she co-facilitates with Lynda Skinner-Pirtle, a powerful healer and teacher.

This on-going group assists women in increasing their personal power and integrity, using encouragement, skilled feedback, collective wisdom and didactic materials.

When:  Bi-monthly on Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:00pm

Where: Central Tucson

Cost: Sliding scale – $50- $75 per 90 minute meeting. Please pay in advance every group or monthly.

Call: (520) 822 4983  or email

“As women we can help one another to grow in trust and discover our full strength within a nurturing circle that we co-create. We mentor women to find new ways to tap into their personal power and vibrant health, balancing support with challenge where necessary. Group members are encouraged in the work of integrating mind, body and spirit.”

An orientation meeting is required to determine whether the candidate is suitable for a group.

Enrollment is on-going (group size 8 to 10 members).

Women’s Group guidelines

  1. Confidentiality and safety: What is said within the group time remains within the group. In or out of group time, it’s ok to talk about your own experience, but we won’t talk about a group member who is not present.
  1. Consider carefully the length of time for which you want to make a commitment. Sign up for 6 sessions initially, and give 2 sessions notice if you’re leaving.
  1. You will get prior information about a new member starting. Potential new members will have an orientation meeting before starting in the group.
  1. As a group member, you automatically get time to talk. We begin by dividing the amount of time available by the number of members present. You may decide to decline your time, or a portion of it, as you can also learn about your self from listening. There is also be an opportunity for everyone to give feedback.
  1. We periodically discuss what the most useful (to the giver and the receiver) kind of feedback is. Hint: Keep the focus on your own internal response. The least helpful kind is an explanation, interpretation, or advice.
  1. You are responsible for your membership in the group. If you commit and join the group, you will be expected to pay, except under unusual circumstances, such as illness. We’ll decide as a group what weeks we won’t meet in the summer and over holidays.