Human Systems Consulting

Grant Montgomery

“In order for us each to awaken to our individual purpose, we have to let down our defenses. When we do, we become more present to our thoughts, emotions and bodies. To be aware in this way is to be empowered, to be grounded in the earth’s life force, and to be more naturally connected to one another. Once aware of the emotional and energetic realms, learning becomes embodied knowing. Moreover, an expansion takes place in our minds and hearts, enabling us to feel the connection we have always had, to what eco-psychologists call the ‘web of life’. One’s true purpose is aligned with this universal support system.” —Catriona O’Curry

Human Systems Consulting

You can choose to work with either or both of us as an individual, a couple, a family, or a small business. Working together, we have a much wider lens than working alone.

What to Expect

Change cannot take place without honest feedback given with respect and kindness. We will nudge you regularly, but will also encourage you to proceed at your own pace, according to your own values and needs.

First we help you to clarify what the issues are. Next we assist each of you in defining your goals. We may give you homework. We aim to help you to see your way clearly out of your dilemmas, by asking questions and listening closely for resources and opportunities.

Over 40 years of research has proved that giving truthful feedback to clients about the impressions they leave can be powerful and life changing.

As colleagues, we often consult with each other about you. Then we give you our feedback. We might also share a tool from our years as Couples and Family Therapists, or from our extensive knowledge of Energy Medicine.

Bringing a sense of humor where appropriate is essential to the movement of the relationship towards freedom and vibrancy.

If your relationships are going to thrive, you will need to learn to listen to your own, deeper needs in order to bring them to light.

Sometimes healing means endings. Acceptance brings peace, and ultimately, this is what emotional health and maturity are about. When necessary, we will help you to bring closure to a relationship. We can facilitate an ending that emphasizes harmony for you and your family.

How is a Consultant different from a Counselor?

Consulting  is about success and achieving goals. We teach, motivate, challenge,encourage, and mentor. After seeing hundreds of couples and families over the years, we’ve become skilled at quickly getting a snapshot of our client’s issues and assets.

A good Systems Consultant hones in on the inner and outer human resources in your work group, family, business or relationship. We show you how to build on your strengths, and create the story you wish to live. We address current issues while steering you towards your goals. We help you to create a clear and concrete vision of what you want, and how to get there.

A counselor takes more time to delve into understanding the emotional story of your past. There are times when counseling is what is most needed. Just as we can refer someone to other professionals for medical attention or spiritual ministry, we’ll refer clients to our list of Psychotherapists for one or more therapy sessions when an emotional issue is impeding their progress. Once the issue is no longer keeping them stuck, they can resume consultation with one or both of us.