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Integrative Consulting

In these fast paced and urgent times,  we believe effective change can’t happen without honest feedback given with respect. The world needs leaders, and we can teach you how to be a leader in your life. We work with individuals, couples, families, or businesses. We are Human Systems Consultants, which means that we use a Systemic Lens when we look at your Organization, your Personal or Professional Partnership, your Family.

Catriona is a skilled and experienced Group Facilitator and Trainer. She has developed a workshop called “Push, Pull, Stop, and Neutral”, that has been used in Organizational training for managers, and for leaders in many different fields. The material has such far-reaching implications for transformation that this workshop can be adapted to be a one hour introductory workshop, a day-long workshop, or a 6 week training that culminates in business and sales meetings that produce task forces and deadlines. The material for Push, Pull, Stop, and Neutral has been presented at conferences. The rich material was even expanded for a 4 year Mystery  school for Psychotherapists, healers, and health care practitioners that changed the students from the inside out and empowered them to be effective change agents for life.

Bob is an advanced, experienced, grounded Healer. Healing energy works on physical, emotional, mental, relationship, and life path issues. This is powerful work that can help you to create more healthy and joyful ways of being in the world. Bob is available to do Distance Healing work anywhere in the world. Simply make an appointment with him and make sure that you are resting at home when he is working on your energy field from afar.

Catriona is also an advanced energy healer and loves to teach all kinds of Energy Medicine. With certain clients, she will join Bob and together they will do 2 on 1 energy healings. It is a powerful and transformational experience.

We are Human Systems Consultants. Our focus is on the personal and professional wellbeing of our clients.  Catriona works with Organizations for Leadership Development and her focus is on raising the Level of Emotional Intelligence in the culture of the organization. She works with the business owner, managers, and eventually the whole organization.

Bob works with couples and individuals who are in some form of transition. Using an integrative approach, he facilitates the kinds of changes that allow the highest intentions of each person to emerge.

Bob and Catriona encourage their clients to set goals that come from the heart, and then guide them to develop a step by step plan to reach those goals.

When we say ‘Integrative’, what do we mean?. Our Masters Degrees in Family Systems Psychology continue to influence our work, and our in-depth education in Energy Medicine provides a multi-dimensional framework.

Bob and Catriona moved to Tucson from the North West, where they practiced as Psychotherapists for 20 years. With backgrounds rooted in Family Therapy and Human Systems, their own soul searching drew them into deeper realms.

They prefer to think of their clients as students, requiring a readiness and a sincere commitment to making lasting changes. Catriona and Bob encourage their clients through their personal barriers by continually clarifying their real purpose and vision.

Let us know if we can tell you more about our work, or send you some flyers for our Groups and Workshops.