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Holistic Psychotherapy 


I work with people all over the world to help them find their way Home. My practice weaves together talk therapy and energy medicine— I tune into the emotional and energetic fields to help you heal the wounds that prevent you from showing up here, in the present, where you belong. Together we can walk into the places within you where you need more space, aliveness, and joy. My hope is that by helping you to integrate the fragmented parts within you, you will show up with more wholeness in your relationships, playing a small but essential role in healing the interconnected web of life.

“In order for us each to awaken to our individual purpose, we have to let down our defenses. When we do, we become more present to our thoughts, emotions and bodies. To be aware in this way is to be empowered, to be grounded in the earth’s life force, and to be more naturally connected to one another. Once aware of the emotional and energetic realms, learning becomes embodied knowing. Moreover, an expansion takes place in our minds and hearts, enabling us to feel the connection we have always had to what eco-psychologists call the "web of life.'"

Catriona O'Curry

Tel: +34 689 478 121 
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