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I have been a Family Systems Therapist working with individuals and families since 1995.  I view the whole family as a living organism, within which each member is interdependent and existing in a context…. of family, community, humanity, eco-system, political system, environment, spiritual well being, etc. Our spirits are needing boosting at this time in particular. My focus is in teaching people how to ground, how to come “HOME" to themselves, and how to identify their feelings. All of us could use better skills to navigate the rough waters of the present, as we all huddle together moving into an uncertain but hopeful future.

I received my Masters in Applied Behavioral Science, with an emphasis on Systems Counseling, from LIOS/Bastyr University in 1995. I practiced as a Psychotherapist until 2008. For the past ten years I have focussed on running Leadership groups. I’ve taught Interpersonal, Communication and Cross Cultural Psychology at Community Colleges in Washington and Arizona.

As a mind/body student and teacher, my focus is to empower my clients by bringing their awareness to the level of the body. As we become more aware of where we hold emotions in our bodies, we begin to lead our lives with more mastery. I enjoy working with individuals and families on their personal power.

I accept clients living in the US, Canada (those closer to the East Coast are easier to schedule), in continental Europe, UK, and Ireland.  We can Zoom or Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video-chat. This is not new for my practice, and it's very natural for most kids these days.  I am in Private Practice in Wicklow Town, county Wicklow, Ireland, and am available to see clients in person at this location. I speak fluent French and Spanish, and can work across multiple cultures within a family, and I have experience working with LGBTQ+ clients, old and young.

+353 85 813 1345 
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